Friday, May 17, 2013

Easy Breezy

 So recently i got back from the Bahamas , been there for couple of days before my birthday:) Here is my very first day in Nassau , didn't wait to long to go and explore the island... Just right after the airport and checking in i was out and about. 
For traveling and especially airports i choose easy comfy outfits, not to many accessories , belts or any other extra stuff to bother at the security check points. This dress is just so perfect and comfortable that i think i'm gonna place it as number one on my traveling wardrobe list:)
 Have a great weekend loves and stay fabulous!!!!!

the whole look: H&M , sunnies: Dolce&Gabbana


  1. I am LOVING this outfit - especially for the airport! It's super stylish but I can see how it's also comfy. Perfect combination. And your sneakers are amazing! Beautiful in the Bahamas

  2. Lovely outfit,so comfy yet very chic :)